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Mikrotik - Block Bittorrent and P2P using latest Mikrotik Version 6.41

Mikrotik new version software stops blocking torrents and p2p with the error P2P matcher is obsolete please use layer7 matcher instead - MikroTik

Here are the new and revise configuration steps that will block torrents and p2p traffic from mikrotik router.

/ip firewall layer7-protocol
add comment="Block Bit Torrent" name=layer7-bittorrent-exp regexp="^(\\x13bitt\
    orrent protocol|azver\\x01\$|get /scrape\\\?info_hash=get /announce\\\?inf\
    o_hash=|get /client/bitcomet/|GET /data\\\?fid=)|d1:ad2:id20:|\\x08'7P\\)[\

/ip firewall filter
add action=add-src-to-address-list address-list=Torrent-Conn \
    address-list-timeout=2m chain=forward layer7-protocol=\
    layer7-bittorrent-exp src-address= src-address-list=\
add action=drop chain=forward dst-port=\
    !0-1024,8291,5900,5800,3389,14147,5222,59905 protocol=tcp \
add action=drop chain=forward dst-port=\
    !0-1024,8291,5900,5800,3389,14147,5222,59905 protocol=udp \

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